OMM Osprey Marine Management

The initiative in question envisaged the feasibility study of a large resort located in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. The aim of the analysis was to understand the effective market, product, economic and financial convenience of a redevelopment project for an entire tourist area.

The main qualifying elements of the professional activity:

  1. High potential of the location
  2. Articulation of the receptive product
  3. Upside deriving from realizable real estate redevelopment.

Given the complexity of the project and the characteristic elements of mixed-use hotel property developments, a preliminary feasibility study of a naturalistic and orographic nature was carried out, in order to understand how the new architectural elements could marry with the surrounding environment. Moreover, given the conditions of the local market of luxury residences, the potential impact deriving from alternative hotel management mixed solutions with hotels and residences was also analyzed.


  • Type of service: hotel feasibility study
  • Product positioning: five stars
  • Client objective: analysis of a new investment