Business Analyst

  • Milan

We are looking for a young professional for the role of Business Analyst.

Description of the role:

Highly motivated and qualified person with experience in hospitality and real estate finance. The holder of the role will support the development of business and financial cases of real estate projects, development projects and related activities. The process involves the planning of scenarios, including through the data collection of the real estate market finalised in the execution professional services. The role holder processes and manages recurring and ad hoc reports, dashboards and analyzes to support ongoing operations in all real estate functions. The holder of the role will have to manage multiple workflows and close delivery dates while maintaining integrity and quality. With experience, he can take responsibility for specific parts of larger and more complex projects. Work independently and with supervision. The attention to detail and the high level of Customer service are essential.

Contents of the Post:


  1. Preparation of detailed financial analyzes, including NPV cash flows
  2. Complement of preliminary evaluations of assets using discounted cash flows, income capitalization, IRR, techniques of comparable sales and construction costs
  3. Analysis of financial data entered by statements of economic accounts (P&L) in valuation models
  4. Review of legal documents, agreements, licenses, third-party engineering/environmental reports and various documentation related to the real estate transaction process


  1. Collection and evaluation of the real estate market and property data
  2. Search for companies, real estate owners, potential buyers and investors
  3. Collection and systematization of information sheets, technical documentation, photos and plans
  4. Preparation in autonomy of presentations, financial statements and various reports
  5. Management of all necessary due diligence materials


  1. Assistance in all aspects of the property marketing campaigns, including: management of confidentiality agreements, updating of crm-type software programs, VDR management, inspections, preparation of customer reports and related activities
  2. Possible interactions aimed at the customer at the technical level

Technical skills:

  1. Strong analytical skills, both financial and qualitative
  2. Strong computer skills that may include the use of: Internet sites, Microsoft Office Suites (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) and databases
  3. Exceptional attention to details and organizational skills
  4. In-depth understanding of the terminology of the real estate and hotel industry

Interpersonal skills:

    1. Well-developed verbal and written communication skills
    2. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    3. Flexible; ability to work with a wide variety of personalities and levels of Customers
    4. Availability to undertake new challenges, responsibilities and tasks
    5. Ability to take the initiative as an opportunity; be action oriented
    6. Professionalism; take responsibility for decisions, actions and results
    7. Positive attitude with the team and management.

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