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    4 stars  
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    4.000 mq  
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Our team in partnership with Sistema e Servizi Srl has received an exclusive mandate for the marketing of a hotel real estate development in Umbria, in the town of Trevi. The development project for the Trevi Hotel & Resort is located near the ancient town of Trevi and insists on a total area of ​​about 2 hectares. The hotel has 67 rooms, all of generous size in relation to the hotel classification.

The new hotel solution is located in Trevi, in a particularly prestigious territorial context. Compared to those arriving both from the south and from the north along the new Flaminia, Trevi stands at the eyes of the traveler at the peak of a hill that allows a complete view of the city, surrounded and surrounded by olive groves that are lost before our eyes in an landscape of high emotional impact in all periods of the year.

The hotel, which will be located in the center of the Resort, welcomes guests through a private courtyard that opens into the hotel lobby and through a scenic staircase leads the guest to the rooms and suites. The public functions are mainly located on the ground floor; a state-of-the-art wellness center of over 400 square meters, a restaurant, a bar and two swimming pools, one of which is covered. The 67 rooms, of different types, are located between the ground floor and the first floor and are all made with typical materials, such as stone, terracotta, wood and corten and enjoy an amazing view over the surrounding area. Parking for guests and all technical areas are in the basement. The large public square in the center of the structure, allows the customer to easily reach all the facilities of the Hotel, besides constituting a large pedestrian area also with the function of aggregation and socializing.

The Trevana economy is strongly linked to the olive production that characterizes the landscape and is part of the DOP Umbria sub-area, so much so that Trevi is fully inserted in the Strada dell’Olio DOP Umbria.
At the same time, Trevi is extremely close to the paths of wine tourism along the Strada dei Vini del Cantico, although it does not have a specific production. The result is that the territory, in addition to being a top destination and one of the main centers of concentration of attractors on the routes of the Oil Road, is in a geographical position that places it in the immediate vicinity of the tourist routes of the wine roads of Cantico and Sagrantino. Perhaps with the sole exception of the month of November, the possibilities of living in a territory that offers a wide possibility of cultural entertainment and open-air life activities along the landscapes and offshoots of the central Apennines are continuous. The limited distances and connections with the capital and other regional areas of interest make the rest of the regional territory accessible and the possibility of participating in major regional events, first of all Umbria Jazz and the Festival dei Due Mondi, widely open.

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