AREC Aurora Recovery Capital

AREC Aurora Recovery Capital SpA is one of the most important servicers on the Italian scene for supporting investors for the management of non-performing loans (NPLs). AREC has been the protagonist of important operations that have seen the involvement of international banks for the management of non-performing loans, with a volume of managed assets exceeding 1.3 bl Euro. On behalf of AREC we carried out an urban planning analysis and subsequent real estate valuation for a compendium of assets for tourist and accommodation purposes. The professional intervention highlighted the main elements of urban planning criticality of the compendium together with the evaluation based on the actual state of the property and on the potential need for regularization. This valuation activity was included in a procedure concerning real estate assets as collateral for receivables.


  • Type of service: valuation

  • Product positioning: four stars

  • Client objective: public auction sale procedure