Our professional approach is based on solid skills that are reflected not only in the professional services provided, but also in the field of specialist education at university and post-graduate level. Our consultants often couple professional activities with teaching roles both in universities and in business schools that provide executive and master courses. We have a long experience in classroom activities, and we are able to design and deliver tailor-made training courses for different types of organizations:

  1. Hotels
  2. Category Associations
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Master students

The theme is exclusively that of hotel investments, as we believe that quality training must necessarily be specialized and not general. In particular we have planned a series of seminars on hotel investments with a semi-annual frequency that are held in Milan and in Rome.

The one-day seminar aims to frame the theme of hotel investments as a whole, transferring the main theoretical and practical skills to analyze and evaluate the different types of investment, both in real estate development projects and operational hotels. The course takes place in a classroom and is for a limited number of people.