Freelance Consultant

The role of freelance consultant is addressed to all hotel professionals who have achieved a high seniority in their role and who are involved in their respective local hotel markets. Hotel professionals who have already managed the relationship with the Client with a view to providing advanced professional support, often have the ability to interact with hotel properties also in view of the enhancement of hotel assets.

On different occasions, the professionals involved in a consulting activity towards the hotel entrepreneur, relate with the latter also on topics such as renewal investments, the value of the hotel property, the conditions of management with respect to any situations of financial distress, the problem of family succession.

Typically, such professionals belong not only to the hotel sector, but may fall into the following professions:

  1. Engineers and Architects
  2. Labor Consultants
  3. Accountants and Lawyers
  4. Professionals in sectors adjacent to the hotel industry, such as the hotel supply market and other professional services.

For all the professional profiles who interact with the hotel business, there is therefore the opportunity to cooperate in the identification of hotel investment opportunities, through the presence on the local hotel markets, where information and professional relationships are fueled by trusted relationships. The freelance consultant cooperates with our company on the basis of a framework agreement aimed at identifying leads and prospects for the professional services provided by the company. The profile is periodically formed in order to understand and be able to communicate the business processes of production and provision of professional services, helping to promote the image of the company on local hotel markets.

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