It often happens that the first sales contact made by an hotel owner interested in the sale is with a retail real estate agent, or with agents specialized mainly in the residential real estate sector.

Due to the high degree of specialization, the complexity of the sales process, the marketing and digital resources needed, and the time it takes, many real estate agents give up receiving assignments for hotel and accommodation properties. Or, once received the assignment, they experience difficulties in executing it.

We have developed a cooperation model that allows real estate agents and agencies to benefit from our network and our experience. Thanks to a diffusion both in the main cities and in the secondary hotel markets, and in the most important Italian tourist districts, we have access to dispersed and fragmented information on the territory, allowing an effective and efficient management of the opportunities for the sale of hotel properties.

In mutual respect of their roles and their expectations, we are able to commercialize hotel properties jointly, associating our brand and supporting real estate agents throughout the marketing process.

We also periodically select senior and junior agents and freelance consultants with the aim of consolidating the presence of our network in all regions of Italy.


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