Senior Agent

The figure of the Agent is newly introduced within our organization. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the Italian real estate sector, and the profound transformations this is going through, we have planned the creation of a network of real estate agents all over Italy, with priority of presence in the provinces with a high concentration of hotel and hospitality properties.

The main activities assigned to this profile are:

  1. Scouting and gathering information on local hotel markets
  2. Identification of mainly B2B prospects, in the categories of hotel entrepreneurs, local investors and buyers, developers and real estate developers
  3. Prospecting activities, aimed at acquiring professional assignments and mandates
  4. Support to the central team in the preparation of offers and mandates
  5. Support in the execution of tasks on a local basis, including activities of site and property inspections.

For the role of Senior Agent, a REA registration/qualification for real estate brokerage role is required.

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