Book Presentation: “Hotel Investment & Management”

October 15, 2018 Redazione

Presentation of the new book published by Egea on hotel investments

During the 2018 edition of Hospitality Day, the new text of the forthcoming publication “Hotel Investment & Management: Methodologies and Cases”, written by Fabrizio Trimarchi and Giacomo Morri, was presented. The text, the first in Italy on the subject of property investment in hotels, is published by EGEA and will be available in the spring of 2019.

During the Rimini event, Fabrizio Trimarchi presented the prerequisites, the logics and the main contents of the book, which will contain both an important collection of theoretical and academic elements on the topic, also containing an extensive case series of examples of real estate investment in hotels.


A speech during the Hospitality Day Rimini event