Nomisma S.p.A.

Nomisma S.p.A. is one of the leading research and economic studies companies and within its own areas of expertise it has a historic track record in the real estate sector. As part of its advisory activities, Nomisma supports clients active in the real estate sector, including hotels, dealing with large-scale assessments and feasibility studies.

We assisted the professional team of Nomisma in evaluation activities concerning a large resort located in Sardinia. The activity, having as object an existing resort and a wide real estate development, including the hotel, residential and golfing component, with the aim of supporting the Customer in a procedural process to enhance existing hotel assets, also studying the real estate development component, identifying the most appropriate functional mix for the best and highest valuation of assets, defining the most consistent type of accommodation product for the completion of the resort and elaborating the appropriate evaluation analyzes for the entire property.


  • Type of service: valuation
  • Product positioning: four stars
  • Client objective: supporting the Client in a procedure