B&B Hotels

The B&B Hotels Group is one of the major European players in the select service hotels segment. The chain is present in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and is rapidly expanding on the continent.

The business model of the chain is to offer a hotel hospitality service on the main national and international hotel markets, for a price-minded clientele that is attentive to the quality of the service.

Qualifying elements of the assignment:

Highly professional activity dedicated to due diligence.

Structuring of the acquisition path.

Specialization and involvement of a variety of third parties.

The professional assignment involved a series of acquisition support activities, considering the high professionalism of the internal working group and the need to respond promptly to the corporate objectives of the group as the main objective. The due diligence activities concerned the support to the consultants involved in the different documentary analyzes of a real estate, legal and contractual, fiscal and urban planning nature.


  • Type of service: due diligence

  • Product positioning: three stars

  • Client objective: purchase