The Hotel La Palma di Capri sold to Reuben Brothers

The Hotel La Palma in Capri, one of the most renowned hotels on the island and probably the oldest and dating back to 1822, was purchased by the Reuben Brothers company. Currently the hotel offers 72 rooms, but a major renovation of the hotel building is planned. The acquisition also includes the nightclub La Taverna Anema e Core, a famous nightclub frequented by the international jet set. The Reuben Brothers group, active in diversified investments in multiple sectors including real estate and hotels, had already completed previous acquisitions in Rome, Mykonos and Ibiza. Due to bankruptcy, the building, already auctioned in 2019, had a price of approximately 35 million euros, for the entire share capital of the company HLP Hotel La Palma SpA, associated with the shipping group RDB Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori SpA.

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